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Hunted. Scared. Alone.
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  1. RingingRobot Cover
    21 Oct, 2016
    Praxx and the Ringing Robot
    The rocket has launched and Praxx and Zobott are on their way!
  2. Praxx and Zobott the #RingingRobot
    30 Sep, 2016
    #RingingRobot - Let the launch commence!
    I can hear a #RingingRobot, can you?
  3. Io erupts
    22 Sep, 2016
    A Song of Ice and Fire
    When I think of Jupiter's moons, I'm reminded of George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire...
  4. Jupiter Io NASA
    12 Sep, 2016
    Jupiter's Magical Moons
    Around January 1610, Galileo Galilei was the first astronomer to discover a set of objects orbiting another planet.
  5. Jupiter's red spot
    04 Sep, 2016
    Juno's Images of Jupiter
    The Juno probe has returned its first stunning images of Jupiter.
  6. Giveaway! Get a signed copy of Engella
    27 Aug, 2016
    Giveaway! Get a signed copy of Engella
    Alison and I are very happy with the fantastic feedback we've received about Engella.
  7. From Zeeb to Zobott
    19 Aug, 2016
    From Zeeb to Zobott
    My motivations for writing Praxx and the Ringing Robot, coming soon.
  8. Perseid Meteor Shower 2016
    10 Aug, 2016
    Perseid Meteor Shower 2016
    Astronomers say this year's Perseid meteor shower may give us the best show in over a decade.
  9. valkyrie robot
    04 Aug, 2016
    Valkyrie the Robot
    I was excited to hear about the collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and NASA on Valkyrie, one of the most advanced humanoid robots in the world.
  10. engella
    31 Jul, 2016
    Engella - Book Launch
    Engella. A short story set across multiple universes.
  11. engella
    23 Jul, 2016
    Engella Preview
    It's almost time for the launch of my first short story, ENGELLA.
  12. juno jupiter
    14 Jul, 2016
    Juno arrives at Jupiter
    NASA's Juno probe has been on a truly amazing journey already, but the best is yet to come...
  13. ceres asteroid belt
    08 Jul, 2016
    Ceres, Goddess of the Asteroid Belt
    Located in between Mars and Jupiter, the Asteroid Belt is a strange and interesting place...
  14. wormhole
    01 Jul, 2016
    A short story set across multiple universes...
  15. spaceman
    23 Jun, 2016
    Ground Control to Major Tim
    Major Tim Peake has returned to Earth after an amazing six months in space!
  16. To Mars!
    16 Jun, 2016
    To Mars!
    We loved the book and we've seen the movie, but will we see a real life martian in our lifetimes?
  17. One Giant Leap
    08 Jun, 2016
    One Giant Leap
    On July 20th 1969, Neil Armstrong made one small step for humans...
  18. earth
    03 Jun, 2016
    Our Extraordinary Earth
    A series of blogs about our wonderful world...
  19. Atmosphere of Venus
    27 May, 2016
    Atmosphere of Venus
    We can see many thousands of distant galaxies through our telescopes, yet we can't see the surface of our next door neighbour, the planet Venus...
  20. Barnes Children's Literature Festival
    22 May, 2016
    Barnes Children's Literature Festival
    The Sun was out for everyone to enjoy last weekend at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival...